Dinner Menu

P a s t a
Rustica All'Antonio (with Four cheeses shrimps and scallops) $18.00
Con Carne e Funghi (with meat and mushrooms)$16.00
Pizzaiola (with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil) $15.00
Con Melanzane (with eggplant) $18.00
All'Aragosta (with lobster) $24.00
Con Pesto (with sauce of basil, garlic and parmesan cheese) $15.00
Con Vongole (with clams) $16.00
Con Calamari (with squid) $16.00
Con Cozze (with mussels)$15.00
All of the above pastas contain cheese

Buon Appetito

P e s c e
Scampi All'Antionio (prawns in white garlic sauce, with zucchini) $23.00
Shrimp All'Antonio (in white garlic sauce, with zucchini) $19.00
Aragosta All'Antonio (lobster in white garlic sauce, with zucchini) $26.00
Calamari Insalata (chilled squid salad) $16.00
Calamari Saute (squid in sauce of fresh tomatoes and garlic) $15.00
Melanzane Palermo (eggplant parmigiana) $18.00
Calamari All'Antonio (squid in white sauce) $17.00
Petrale Sole (baked with garlic butter, lemon, and olive oil) $20.00
Crab Insalata (chilled crab salad) $23.00
Steamed Clams (in garlic, lemon, and wine)$18.00
Steamed Cozze (mussels in garlic, lemon, and wine)$18.00
Cioppino All'Antonio (seafood stew in white garlic sauce) $20.00
Cioppino In Salsa Rosso (seafood stew in sauce of fresh tomatoes) $20.00

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