The Caffe Sport Story

T h e  C a f f e  S p o r t  S t o r y
Antonio La Tona left Palermo, Sicily in 1960 for New York City. After three years in New York, he left for San Francisco and found the Victorian Architecture and atmosphere of the that city much more inspiring for a person with artistic interests. In 1969 he opened the doors at Caffe Sport, which at that time was just a bar and sandwich shop. For two years, Antonio worked restoring antiques. Every day Antonio worked at Caffe Sport, he added a piece, an idea to the shop. After working days at the restaurant, he would stay up nights carving and painting new pieces of art in the Sicilian Byzantine style. What has resulted is an atmosphere which is unlike any other. Like Sicily itself, Antonio has created an interior which is a mixture of many different styles, and which can be built only over time and with devotion to an art. Like Sicily, Caffe Sport is unique-L'Unico!